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Local 6-505 Union History

The History of Local 6-505M

This mural, created by Siegfreid Reinhardt, depicts the historical sequence of the history of the Lithographic and Photoengraving process in three major stages. The first section deals with the origin of lithographic processes invented by Aloys Sennefeld in 1786. The second section reflects the impact the photo camera had on the industry, and the creation of the process of photoengraving. The third section expresses the increased efficiency and modernization of the industry by the introduction of computers and machines into the process. This mural, which hangs in our Union Hall, remains as a statement of our pride and commitment to our industry, bridging our rich history with a prosperous future.

Local 5 began in June of 1888, by our secretary’s ledger. At this period, we were known as the Lithographers International Protective and Benevolent Association, Local 5.

In 1892, the Artist, Engravers, and Designers League organized.

In 1898, the Stone and Plate Prepare Association formed.

In 1899, the Pressman’s Union founded the Local 6C in the St. Louis area and remained so until 1989, during which time the local 6C absorbed several trades.

In 1900, the International Protective Association of Lithographic Feeders was created.

The development of these organizations stemmed from techniques and innovations of the time, and different points of view that evidently were prevalent of the respective organizations.

By 1912, the Artists, Engravers and Designers Leaguer broadened its scope and formed the International Union of Lithographic Workmen whose goal was joining all the lithographic organizations in one amalgamated union, which was successfully done in April of 1915 when we become the Amalgamated Lithographers of America, Local 5. The first International President of International Protective and Benevolent Association was a member from St. Louis Local 5, Jack Hamilton.

There was also another organization in St. Louis that has its beginning in the 1898. It was known as the Photoengravers Local 10, and was chartered by the International typographical Union. This Local’s operation paralleled Local 5 in many respects and in 1917, a brother member by the name of Henry Schmal became the new International Secretary – Treasurer.

On Labor Day of 1964, due to technological advancements, and the need for better collective bargaining agreements, the Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union was created. Two years later in 1966, the Local 5 of the Amalgamated Lithographers of America, Local 10 and 110 of the Photoengravers Union, merged to create Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union Local 252.

Then again, the international merged with International Brotherhood of Book Binders and the Local Unions of 18, 55, and 209 in 1972 to create the Graphic Artists International Union Local 505. This same year our Union Hall was built.

On July 3, 1983, the Graphic Arts International Union and the International Printing Press Union merged to create the Communication International Union.

In 1989, Local 6C merged with Local 409S to become Local 6M.

In January of 2001, Local 6M and Local 505 of the GCIU merged to create Local 6-505M.

In 2005, the GCIU merged with the International Brotherhood Teamsters, to become the Graphic Communications Conference International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Currently, our union is the Local 6-505M of the GCC/IBT.

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